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Welcome to JavaScript tutorials section. JavaScript is a loosely-typed client side scripting language that executes in the user’s web browser. A web page without JavaScript is unimaginable today. There are many open source application development frameworks based on JavaScript.

FrameworkAboutLicenseRelease Date
ReactJSCreated by Facebook, currently the most popular JavaScript frameworkMIT LicenseMay 24, 2013
AngularPopular JavaScript framework created by GoogleMIT LicenseJan 5, 2010
VueJSRapidly growing JavaScript frameworkMIT LicenseJul 28, 2013
MeteorJSPowerful framework that is more than a JavaScript frameworkMIT LicenseJan 18, 2012
KnockoutJSOpen source Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) frameworkMIT LicenseJul 5, 2010
EmberJSAnother open source Model-View-ViewModel frameworkMIT LicenseDec 8, 2011
BackboneJSJavaScript framework with RESTful JSON and Model-View-Presenter patternMIT LicenseSep 30, 2010
SvelteOpen source JavaScript framework not using virtual DOMMIT LicenseNov 20, 2016
AureliaJSA collection of Modern JavaScript modulesMIT LicenseFeb 14, 2018

These tutorials will help you learn JavaScript step by step starting from the basics to an advanced level. These tutorials are broken down into sections where each section contains a number of related topics that are packed with easy to understand explanations, real-world examples, tips, notes and useful references.

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